My Life Has Turned out to Be Much Better Now

I went out with my girlfriends one night, and I ended up meeting the man that I would soon marry. I was not expecting that, and it was a wonderful surprise. About 7 months after we began dating, he asked me to come look for apartments for rent in Albuquerque with him. He wanted the two of us to move in together. I thought that was a fantastic idea, and it’s an idea that I decided to do something about.

I had been married once before. I married the guy that I dated all throughout high school and college. When I told my family that we were engaged, that thought it was wonderful that I was marrying my high school sweetheart. But while just about everyone focused on that aspect of our relationship, they didn’t seem to notice that he and I were not really meant to be. He was not the greatest of guys, and I had made the mistake of being too nervous to break up and go find someone that would treat me better. I deserved more, and I knew that. However, I really did not want to go through dating in order to find that right person. I know that I was lazy, and that was wrong. It was good that we later got a divorce.

The new person I am marrying is the right person for me. He treats me wonderfully. I wish that I had met him a lot sooner. But sometimes, you have to go through trouble in life in order to really come to understand what something else better in life is all about. After 7 months, I was ready to be with him full time and not lose him. We had so much fund apartment hunting together. We have the same tastes, and finding one took such a short time. We have been living together for 6 months, and life could not be better.